Update: Aneeta Sundararaj Plagiarises Pearl S. Buck’s Short Stories

by Suzan Abrams

Pictured Here is the plagiarist of those ill-fated Pearl S. Buck stories in a collection of ‘Malaysian’ tales called Snapshots.

Pictured Here the plagiarist (left) deceiving the reporter throughout the interview of how she wrote her short stories. Stories that were secretly stolen from an ancient Pearl. S. Buck collection of American tales. By the way, the headline should read ‘former lawyer’. The last time this lady was in a legal firm was 2003 and definitely not up to 2006 at the time of the interview.  She resigned suddenly and hurriedly. Google caches all the early evidence.

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Here is an update:

As of today, March 31, 2009, Aneeta Sundararaj continues with her deception of selling Pearl S. Buck’s stolen short stories – found in a 2006 publication Malaysian collection of tales called Snapshots – as her own.

The book can still be bought in local bookstores in Kuala Lumpur and also on certain outlets located on the web. She will receive royalties – even if this amounts to a few Malaysian cents – for work that that has been ferried illegally as hers. She would have received a royalty for my purchase of the book of stolen stories in Kuala Lumpur last December.

Although I exposed this fraud a while ago and warned earlier that I had already discovered the theft and brought it to the plagiarist’s attention, she has chosen to take no action. She could have written to me or had someone else write to me privately or stopped the sale of the stolen stories but no action was taken in either direction. Time was given for her to act privately but she did not.

She has made no attempt to stop the stolen stories from being sold but continues the sales internationally, as if nothing has happened.

Instead, her modus operandi was to swiftly remove all traces of the book on her website and her blog for the meantime, selling only a first self-published effort, The Banana Leaf Men. By the way, if you do decide to buy this book, make sure that you purchase an edited reprint. The original reprint was not edited. It is sloppy and full of grammatical errors starting with the first paragraph on the first page. I still have the copy of that title with me. Be careful before you give your money away for something you know little about. Unless of course, you don’t mind buying a self-published effort, that is littered with errors.

This predator belongs to a tight group of book bloggers in Malaysia who appear to support each other’s work no matter the mediocrity. They who report on any book news at all associated with Malaysia have also taken a vow of silence as regards the fraud. Either that, or they’re ignorant to what goes on around them. By saying nothing – not even to investigate for themselves – , they protect and shield her criminal actions and indirectly may later look as if they were party to the plagiarism. Otherwise, it’s interesting how thievery could occur under a group of peoples’ noses and they know nothing. It is alright to write about people you don’t know and to exhibit revulsion at theft, but perhaps shameful to accept when one of these, is your own.

Up to this date, none connected with the title has apologized for the theft. Are they still raking in royalties made from purchases of the title?

I also did receive a spiteful note from one of them when I first exposed the fraud that confirms to me a few at least are party to the plagiarism.