I read 4 quips from the sidebar.

I woke up late at eight, from bed, and fell with a yell into the well of my teacup. I thought of a hiccup or a rescue plan at ten, but soaked up sleep after a clean icing sweep from a consoling cake tin which promised not to tell. – suzan abrams –

He was dangerous. I became scared and locked him in a box. He escaped as I lay in bed, high on cake and wine. In his hand was the box, where he said the ocean pleaded my soggy end. I died while still afloat and partying on my bed. – suzan abrams –
I wanted to go to the sea one morning when the rain spread a carpet of water on the coast. I thought I would swim in the sand. – suzan abrams –
A bottle bellydanced the ocean seeking my hand on land. But a seasick tipple and a love letter toppled and a whale failed its serenade for me. – suzan abrams –

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