by Suzan Abrams

I’m so sorry that I haven’t been able to update my posts of late. I haven’t been sleeping well… just grabbing the odd four hours or less in snatches and starts so that probably accounts a little for some present fatigue, which I hope will go away soon.

Insomnia  happens when I get overly-enthusiastic about things…I become stressed out with thinking what may be or won’t be and also with making plans…finally, my mind refuses to wind down.  I used to be this way when I worked full-time as a professional magazine journalist.  I would get so excited about my interviews and stories and was constantly on the go.  The result was that my stubborn vibrance refused to rest for days on end.  But I was too busy being happy to worry or care.

I appear to be entering the same mode now.  I  have been out and about buying one too many titles to read…many of my favourite authors have new books out and I feel like a child peering into a Christmas store.  Even Anita Brookner has come out with Strangers.  My travelling has opened up world literature to me like a marvellous handwoven carpet which in turn has opened up world cinema.  This season, when I’d have expected nothing but summer paperbacks, I’m faced with a host of multicultural authors as well as British and American writers, all with new tales to tell. So I regale and celebrate  my pleasant surprises.

I’ve also purchased some new world films on dvd.

On the writing front, I daresay I’m finally ready to submit a manuscript or two for publication.  Still, I may choose a different route from traditional publishing. I’m not sure. There are varied choices these days.  It’s a difficult time to be thinking of publishing a book.   However, I stay enthusiastic about my writing as well as my reading.

I hope to go back to posting something regularly as I used to, come tomorrow. Writing for this site has been a good form of discipline if anything.