Another Note

I’m going to rely on a bit of gibble-gobble for the moment as I stay slightly fatigued and am still not up to writing my stories or continuing with the ones that are up above.  This is probably my own fault as I get so intense about things or situations I love and I delve into these thoughts; all of which  engulf my spiritual consciousness with so much wholeness, enthusiasm and excitement, that I forget the necessary everyday things, like my main meals or getting enough sleep, things like that…

However, I’ve realised my foolishness so am making amends now.  The thing is my love for life despite whatever upheavals I may encounter, is almost complete and hardly anything daunts me.

At the moment, I’m excited about the many new contemporary titles on British and world literature which I’ve bought and ordered. I’m thrilled that Tower Records on Wicklow Street in Dublin has displayed a generous range of award-winning  alternative Iranian cinema. In a few months, I’ll be travelling again. I can’t wait to return to Africa to continue with the safaris and to see my friends. I’ll also be taking in one more country.

I’m presently preparing some work for publication and it all feels like a good life at the moment.

Also, Des has given me his abandoned writer’s loft at the top of the building, on which we have a flat downstairs; as a gift if I want. Sometimes, my spirit begs aloneness and all it takes are  three flights of stairs and I’m in a charming loft where the skylight seeps through on warmer mornings.

It’s thundery these days and the sound of raging winds as well as the rain adds on an alluring atmosphere.  The brisk or rather, blustery North-Easterly’s remind me of Melbourne’s violent  bay winds that intrude on the city with a furious entrance every September.  I’ll write more about this tomorrow.  The loft itself is made up of  a white slanted ceiling and a big wide carpeted space – the colour of a sea blue – , is properly furnished with a heater for one thing  and also houses a kitchenette.  Of course it wouldn’t be complete with all the necessary armchairs and some interesting furnishings made of fine wood in the way of cupboards, drawers and a few tables.

I ran up for a bit this morning just to play my cds.  Yes, I did manage a run. 🙂

I can easily play my music in the flat but this is so much fun.  The silence was punctured by the lingering rendition of Marianne Faithfull ‘s classic ballads and  I just can’t get enough of the new Depeche Mode album with their  creative mix of bold sounds; an effect I’ve  summed up so far as pretty fabulous.

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