As soon as I’ve managed to catch up on some sleep – since I have been awake and writing my stories all night – I’ll  write up an interview, that’s exclusive to this blog on Farah Damji, writer, editor and publisher and one still considered a controversial and highly-enigmatic figure with regards to Britain’s literary arts.

Damji so graciously fills me in on details relevant to her current writing life, her profound thoughts on her own rollercoaster destiny being turned into a film and also an upcoming autobiography in Try Me that may just turn out to be this summer’s bestseller in the UK.

I’ll be giving you the latest information not yet recorded anywhere on Damji’s introspections and especially details of her upcoming publication slated for July 2009.  Thanks to the author’s added generosity, I also have the photograph of her irresistible book cover for Try Me, not yet seen  anywhere on the web. – suzan abrams –