Everyday Notes for Lack of Time

Fourth Note: June 23: A misled day from hope and trepidations.  A bit of fatigue. Still reading Once Upon a Time in England by Helen Walsh.  Beautiful prose with a style reminisicent of Merseyside writers but information on a Malaysian character as purported to her roots in Kuala Lumpur in the 70s is badly misinformed. As such, disappointing.  The subtle details provided on my beloved country are not entirely correct. Went downtown. Bought more music, films and books. Waterstone’s customer order services here in Dublin – either Jarvis Street or on and especially Dawson’s are excellent – I’m ordering some specialist Arabic titles as and when the appropriate mood is swiftly conjured up and  even as I come across fascinating translated versions of old Arabic prose. I collected one book and ordered another today. Italian classicial singing as makeshift theatre was so happening today on Grafton Street. I bought a Turkish film on dvd from Tower Records.  Am going to watch Time and Winds in a minute. I’m studying print and demand possibilities. The quality of books published next door in England by Lightning Source, a foremost print and demand printer is excellent.  No wonder, Leela Soma’s Twice Born is so easily stocked in bookshops. Hope to return to the usual postings tomorrow.

Third Note: June 22nd: Went up to Des’s old but fully-furnished writer’s loft, 2 flights of stairs up my flat. He gave it to me as a gift a while ago but sadly, I’ve never properly used it. Not until now.

Brush the blue curtain away and the window looks out to forgotten chimneys, high trees, watching sky and windswept birds. It’s lovely on a rainy morning or afternoon. Everything turns dark and you can even hear the howling of the wind and how loudly too, the noisy rhythm of the rain as it lambasts the roof. I love it at times like these because then there is such an atmosphere, such a mood.  It is here that  I am at last, writing my first proper book. My birthday falls this week and it is a gift to myself; to complete a book for which I now feel ready.

I used to dream of this moment for years, but was  unable to reach  that slightly ajar door of peace and opportunity. This of course, no thanks to the major odd upheaval. Now, at last I can.

There is so much wood about; old, dark and glorious wood that make for cupboards,  tables, scattered chests of drawers and chairs…  Des has a proper writing table and chair with a home computer that he doesn’t use anymore. But I prefer a laptop. I have 2 at the moment and also a traveller’s notebook. Each bears a sentiment for me so I’ll pick the chosen favourite for the day. I save everything on a memory stick, of course.  I write on a long mantletop that actually comes with the portable kitchen. There are also 2 comfy armchairs and loads of Des’s books, still here although he and I both have separate library collections downstairs.  I also have internet facilities both in the flat and up here in the loft.

PS: By the way, when I say lack of time, that doesn’t include my books and films, which I do make time for.


Second Note: June 21st: Will return with my posts shortly, hopefully tomorrow. Went downtown today. Bought books and cds. Picked up the IMPAC winner, Man Gone Down by Michael Thomas, a few biographies and a novel, I’ve been so wanting, Once Upon a Time in England by Helen Walsh. It tells a story of a British man and his Malaysian-Tamil wife Susheela, living in Warrington, England in the 1970s.
So glad to see that Tash Aw’s Map of the Invisible World made it to Dublin. But Aw is such an exciting novelist isn’t he. He’s likeable and popular. He knows how to carry himself with the aptitude of a world-class author. No other recently published Malaysian authors have so far made it to Dublin.


Note: June 18, 2009: I will have a post tomorrow. I’m seriously writing my novel now after a gap of some years and it’s not easy to keep a blog going, when you’re doing this. Or at least, it’s hard for me. – suzan abrams –