HimGlish & Femalese by Jean Hannah Edelstein


As the blurb says it all, “The modern girl’s guide to understanding men… and vice versa.”

A fashionable agony aunt in the making? Bought Jean Hannah Edelstein’s book HimGlish & Femalese published by Preface Publishing UK and costing 15 euro 60 cents, from Hodges Figgis Dublin, a day ago. It’s not a subject that’s up my street to be honest but because I know of Edelstein’s work, I look forward to reading it.

Jean is such a star on the Guardian Books Blog. Her many popular blogs from about 2 years ago, have proved witty and highly-interesting pieces and more then once earned her a fascinating thread count. Here’s a determined lady who knows what she’s talking about and who often easily withstands the odds of argument and disfavour to come out tops.

A glance through the easy-to-read pages complete with splashes of the cover illustrations, reveals some serious expert psychology going on. Not for the starry-eyed Doris Day idol types.

HimGlish & Femalese also reminds me of a vibrant pop art/culture  in the light of the legendary American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

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Credit: The above picture is by Roy Lichtenstein, courtesy of LeninImports.com.