Today, an unexpected wonderful blessing  but suddenly  chaos!

An offer of an expansive apartment was given me by my landlord who is also a friend. It’s tucked away in a Square comprising a neat arrangement of apartment blocks, in a quieter part of the street on which I live. Tight-coded security on gates and doors, fast lifts, sprawling living room and dining area space. A long landing, two big bedrooms, kitchenette, bathrooms and a wide balcony. Gorgeous views overlooking a park and an old clock tower from all the rooms. Big bay windows.  All fully furnished. Hallway carpeting and three other apartments on my floor. The layout and interiors too bear a structural design similar to that of a good hotel.  Many more features. It’s more than twice the size of my flat.

It’s all about space with me so I don’t feel claustrophobic.

I’ve never been thoroughly happy in a house as the idea forces me into a domesticity I don’t care for. But I’ve always loved a high-tech apartment.

Just relishing the idea  of waking up to the aroma of a hot coffee and basking in a lavish view of the wide skyline, in the mornings. And right here, in the heart of Dublin.  I fancy a writing desk now made of fine wood. So lots of packing this week and I can manage it but may delay my trip to Africa by about 2 or 3 days. I’ll be returning to this new apartment.  The landlord waived the entire deposit and brought down the rent for me by a few hundred euro from when the apartment was earlier occupied by two Eastern European doctors who have since completed their contracts with the St. James’s hospital round the corner and returned home.

I know the landlord well as he also owns my present flat.  But the apartment is much much larger. He said that I wouldn’t be able to resist it and he was right. My present flat will go but the loft upstairs stays. The deal was settled straightaway this morning so I have access to the apartment already.

By the way, across the road from the Square is an ancient sturdy Convent, towering and sure with its somber gray architecture and once occupied by nuns.  I’ll miss the gulls.