I am overwhelmed. It never rains but pours.
Summer has gone. The sky is overcast. Rain and clouds in Dublin. I shall leave the city soaking wet.
Well, I have to now move into a new apartment down the road in about a week.
I shall have to go to Africa.
I shall have fly to Dar-es-Salaam where my winter luggage is still in my favourite hotel because I lost the key last February and had to buy a new suitcase and the hotel said they would store my luggage for me.
So that first, and then I shall have to go on to the Kilimanjaro.
The safaris will be adventurous and exhausting.
I shall have to finish my book on Africa.
I shall then have to return to Dublin for a short while because I would have been missing Des.
I shall then continue with my flights because I have already made plans for 2 more countries that don’t count London.
If I can manage this in one piece, then my trips will be even more exhilarating than the last time.

So for now, Des has been a real gem.

He is organising my satellite tv packages. – still in the works.
He is organising my internet facilities – still in the works.
He has bought me tall bookshelves. Arrived already.
He is fixing them up tomorrow.

I have to confirm my tickets and flight dates tomorrow.

I shall have to clear all my junk and pack all my things by this weekend.

Then I shall leave my fate to the Gods. Next week this time, if I’m not yet on a plane, I shall go mad.