Today, I went to have another good look at the apartment. The lounge is truly spacious. Plus, I didn’t realise there was a long bath in one of the bathrooms. My favourite place surely has to be the balcony  for a morning coffee and quiet time, before my day  starts, once I return to Dublin. It also makes for a beautiful space; a romantic corner in  which to read a book or listen to music while watching the world go by, mostly the quieter greener part of it.

I’m finally able to relish the generous rows of  trees and apparent wide skies and even on a misty day like today, you can spot the  mountains from afar. I did observe several seagulls and birds crossing the Square while relishing their flight.

The best test would be  the early hours of dawn say, about 3.45am onwards, in which to understand the aesthetics that  govern the lifestyle of some of Ireland’s beautiful garden birds  on the many scattered treetops.

The bookshelves are being put up today and we’ve already made an appointment for next Tuesday, to have a premium package installed for the combination of digital cable television, wireless internet facilities and too, a residential phone for lower-rate international calls. We’ve been using our cell phones but this would be a bonus.

I forgot to mention that I would most probably be going into the Zanzibar  for a few days, on my return to Dar from the Kilimanjaro region.