My nomadic madness officially begun today.

I went downtown to settle some banking and then in a flurry of enthusiasm ferried several  books down to the new apartment. I know quite a few people now in Dublin so there’s always a touch of Irish humour waiting for me in the city and this makes life just that bit kinder. There also appears to be a great sense of neighbourly goodwill in the Apartment-Square.

I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to re-enter my cosy Dublin world again until the start of November. If I remember the heady exhilaration for me in the world of travel that lasted from early December last year to the early days of March of this one, then this experience may prove even more intense as it includes moving house and flying to another continent straight after.  I think I can manage it and of course, Des is here with me.

We have had a few friends who have volunteered to help us move and I count that a blessing.

I’m not good at making lists. But I swear that my amateur plans although wayward,  are always effective. This comes from a total of 10 years of spontanous travel.  I have learnt to think very well on my feet and not to be nervous about the idea.

This trait seems to exert itself naturally even now. The wonderful thing is that this flat was furnished when I first moved in and so too, the new apartment. So there isn’t really all that much to take with the exception that we’ve accumulated a great number of books – no thanks to me – and electronic gadgets, kitchen paraphernalia, bedsheets, cushions and the like.

I’ve decided after mentally surveying the scene, that by the end of tomorrow, we should have packed most and would know how much there is to take and how many trips are needed. Monday or Tuesday will be the right time to call a helpful friend and to move properly. I don’t know if I have time to clean the flat…and I may have to pay someone to do it for me. Immediately, after moving, I have to leave.

Am travelling very light.

I am a traveller, writer and reader. Yet, how do I see myself at the moment? I daresay that the travelling episodes will dominate my life for a bit. I shall  start writing stories in my hotel room or the airport. I’m pretty much at home with this sort of thing. I don’t see myself picking up another storybook to read until I’ve checked in at the airport for my first  flight.

And then each passion will once more close itself about me like an endearing coat waiting to snuggle up, on a  winter’s day.