On the Road up to Belfast

On the high road up to Belfast, the ghost of a sweeping nimbus towered over Northern Ireland, like a schoolmaster with swollen purple cheeks bent on unleashing his fury to a Lilliputian crowd.

It was a bleak day, overcast with gloom and rain. But there were times when the sunshine soared  and the Friesian cows and unsuspecting sheep were magnificent in spirit, as they grazed together on wide open fields, waiting for a party that never came.  From afar, they masqueraded dotted raisins soaked in a green muffin.


What a beautiful, picturesque region Northern Ireland displayed with its magnificent skyline overlooking the high hills, dales, meadows, canals and farmlands. Tricky roadworks this time round and the toll gates warn you in twinkling neon lights to Arrive Alive.

Belfast stays one of the shyer cities in my notebook but was as always, warm-hearted and friendly.  Shopping centres are massive and remind me of Dubai.  I have a favourite travel shop I  go to when I want to fly. My routes are all settled and I have collected my airline ticket ready for use next week.

I’m going straight to Africa.

I am running late this time round unfortunately, so will return to Dublin a little later as well.

Won’t be able to come to the web tomorrow I suspect. Too much packing and also moving house.  I have only the weekend to recover and then I’m off.