Catching Up

Sorry, I’ve been away a little longer than I thought.  This is just a rough note but I will write more later today and hopefully, more regularly from now.

In this last week, I re-routed my travel movements. I went back to Kuala Lumpur, my beloved city for five glorious days. I met with friends, but more than that just wanted to connect with my country in a spiritual way.  I suppose I align the example with something of a child who while he wants to go to an exciting distant shore or to a new amusement park somewhere in a far off land, still feels the need to run back home to see that all is well and then to carry on.  To say as he would if he saw his mother, “Mama, I’m still here!”.

In my case, Malaysia is and foremost my motherland and I just wanted to give her a big hug before carrying on.  I then travelled to Dubai and am now here in Africa.

At the moment, it is a bright sunny day, I’ve got back my favourite suite which faces an old fashioned church and clock tower, here downtown in Dar-es-Salam.  The harbour view looks massive.  Many ships are anchored and last night at dusk, a huge tanker, the colour of a mandarin orange rolled past my window.  It brightened up the night skies like a child’s  colourful lego toys would illuminate a dark room.

Today, I’ ve got to call Ibrahim, who is my friend but also a registered safari guide and mountaineer.  I will go up myself to the Kilimanjaro in the next 3 to 4 days and to meet other friends who are all involved with safaris in some way. I’ve got to buy some good camera equipment.  I shall also be writing some stories on Africa but more in a bit.