A Rough Note

After a sound sleep and a good breakfast, catching up with many of the hotel’s staff and my old acquaintances – since I’ve stayed here before – and also listening once more to the familiar pangs of a beloved pianist playing Hollywood tunes in the restaurant, I begun my arrangements in earnest for the safaris. Some necessary calls to the Kilimanjaro/Moshi and finally everything is set. Matthias (an old Tanzanian guide for whenever I’m in Dar) and I will be going up to Arusha this weekend. We’ll be staying with Bashir (he owns a motel in Arusha)  and meeting up with Ibrahim to sort out all the erratic arrangements.

We’ll be on a safari expedition for at least 12 days.  Don’t forget the Land Cruiser and the driver.  We’ll be fixing the timetable this weekend as well. We’ll be camping at different wildlife parks since the weather’s good and also going right into the Kilimanjaro mountain. I don’t know what to expect at the cold base… I’ve been told that there are several super waterfalls, so this time I’ll be able to see. It’s all Masai country over here.