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This morning,  I purchased a new Sony Video Camera with a dvd drive – if that makes any sense – and also an additional handphone, on Dar’s popular but Indian-owned Jamhuri Street.

I’m quite the amateur with electronic gadgets but I’m learning. 🙂

I’m thrilled!

When I was  5+ and after we had returned from Singapore, I would deviously snuggle up to my father whenever he stayed engrossed in the Reader’s Digest, a copy of Life or  the hastily flipped-over pages of the Sunday Times’ Asia Magazine.  Then we lived in a pleasant suburb in Klang, Malaysia and I would gaze with stars in my eyes at  memorable double-spread pages of electric blue Peter Stuyvesvant ads, which featured both a series of  water sports and   jumbo jets on a runway.

I was also mesmerised by the variation of  open lands, bizarre tribes, savannah and wildlife. My father bought me many picture books of zebras, giraffes, lions and leopards with which to appease me, that I wouldn’t always keep pestering him to take me to the zoo. Still, when my father could on occasion be coaxed into a mood, he would with relish, turn an ordinary zoo trip into an exciting adventure.  I’ll write about this someday.

To pacify me, he often chose the weekends for these excursions and today I recall delightful memories of Zoo Negara in Kuala Lumpur  which displayed many more interesting and well-cared for animals and seabirds than it does now.

I realise that one of these remarkable scenes from my father’s  colourful magazines of the past have finally blended into my own destiny. Every time, I arrive in Africa, I ready myself for more challenging expeditions.

It all feels too good to be true and sometimes I think it’s not real. Yet here I am having crossed three countries in one week, so great is my passion for the wildlife.  I think the important thing is to just go out and make a dream happen and to know for the self that you did something to enrich an existence.

I do believe and have found it to be true that a positive and inspirational attitude attracts a vibrant energy. Many doors will swing wide open and rather exuberantly on their hinges to offer spontaneous opportunities. This perhaps  in an uneventful manner and at an unexpected time.  If I connect those intricate links that make up the maze of my experiences, I would see them as designed to bring about what I have always desired  if only I would present the fortitude and faith.  And I did, of course.

These simple laws of attraction may seem contrived to explain and to read about but they’re not at all.  They worked naturally in the creation of a secret hedonism for me.

The thing is I am often so bent on the enjoyment of a childhood dream-chase,  it’s hard to notice.