Short note

I’ll be outdoors and out in the wild all of next week and for a few more days after. that.  Unfortunately, animals and birds of prey just don’t give a toss about the web. 🙂

I’ll be travelling in a Land Cruiser and camping at wildlife parks and also at the Ngorongo Crater. I’m going to the Lakes where all the flamingoes party.  All the camping equipmént and  jeeps are provided by the safari company. I’ll have Ibrahim and a driver and I’m taking funny old Matthias with me as I really enjoy eccentricities and oddities whenever I can grab a bit of humour on an adventure and Matthias is a comical chap to say the least.

Well, safari expeditions and especially that mine are highly personalised, are certainly a time-consuming hobby. I haven’t had a moment to myself since I reached Dar-es-Salaam.  There are quite a few preparations involved.

But I’m ready now.