I’m not yet in Ireland. Just wanted to say that I have tasted several different experiences in these last two months…including my new apartment in Dublin which I’ve still not lived in properly – I had just 3 days there I think – that it feels joyful just to be returning to my new home and of course, to Des.

It may be time for some changes on the web for me. I don’t want to open a website for the moment…the necessary one that requires me to buy a domain name until I’ve triumphed over a couple of major situations which should happen for me in the next 6 to 8 months.

But I badly need a website so I’m thinking of opening a temporary free one when I’ve settled down in Dublin in these coming days. In October, I’ll be travelling internationally again.

I think for me anyway a one-page blog doesn’t work because I hold eclectic interests. Not just books and writing but also travel which opens up many roads and stays a multi-faceted subject. I also have to seriously think now of publishing my stories.

If I caught everything on a blog, I would start meandering and my themes would not in any way be streamlined or focussed. This thought doesn’t sit well at all with me. In a website, I could have sections (that are actually weblogs and which I will update regularly either being one or the other) like Travellers’ Notes… Books… and so forth. Then readers could simply go to what interests them. And I would like a slide show for my photos or display of videos.

I would still do author interviews now and now and write book reviews for stories I hold worthy in my opinion.  However, I think too it’s important to write about my own stories and to promote my life as a writer, for a change so people don’t just see me as merely a blogger which I’m not. 

I would also like a vibrant site; one that reflects the fast pace of my life. I have found something so let’s see when I get back.

If you asked me why I’m often restless and just can’t stick to one blog, I think my most honest answer would be to blame my travels. Everytime I do something different abroad, my life, thoughts and perceptions change in numerous and major ways. My interests in literature, food, music and cinema amongst others all broaden considerably. I then find I am no longer able to even relate to a shadow of what my old blog once represented, no matter what I’ve written in it. I then shed my old blog I suppose like a reptile would of its dry scaly skin for something else new and precious. I’ve noticed this pattern and find the observation fascinating.

But of course, this wouldn’t relate to anyone who finds comfort in a parochial community or thrives on a slick everyday routine. I wouldn’t herald a parochial existence as it narrows a big world into a matchbox one. But I do find someone who conforms to a tight routine from unavoidable commitments,  a performer of a  highly admirable trait.

 However, destiny has called me to live life differently from most and you’ll know too when I tell you later what I’ve been up to.  It isn’t that one life is better than the other. Far from it as bliss knows no boundaries and can satisfy an individual from any source. It’s just that mine is unusually placed.