This morning in Dublin, I did something I wasn’t able to do since I first moved to my new apartment, just 2 days before flying off to East Africa.

I was able to enjoy the balcony view of the skyline with a mug of tea in my hand!  One of life’s simple but priceless pleasures.  I forget that it’s September and officially autumn now. There’s a strong cold wind blowing and I saw only 3 birds. The gulls are nowhere at all and I fear could be migratory with the changing season. How I shall miss them!

The sky wore a fat black cloud that later, spread to a thin veil of grey.  But at the time that its skin was so thick with a nimbus, the cloud’s black coat had collapsed into countless wrinkly folds like that of a very old man or woman posing with a large flaccid stomach.  Everything feels homey and I am just lounging about  at the minute.

I have a wealth of material in my head with which to write stories but it’s perplexing knowing where to start.