Settling for a Pseudonym

Do you know that there are presently 8,910,000 listings for the name Susan Abraham on the internet? That would explain why of late, I can’t get a word in edgeways.

No matter, that I open up a Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. account or even for that matter when you consider the publication of early online reviews and poetry; each one is subsequently drowned by a deluge of many many other Susan Abrahams who may have got there first. There are sculptors, boutique owners, engineers, chemical scientists, the odd poet and yes, authors…who are all thriving well on the internet complete with their own websites and other important accounts.

I  understand this since I decided to return to serious writing so late in the day. It really is the case of The early bird catches the worm.

Even Susie Abraham, Suzan Abrams etc are all popular.

Hence, I have decided on a pseudonym for the future, to be called Suzella Abrams.  Plus, it only has 13 listings.  And this by initials which means that the first and last names link up to others.  In other words, it will just be me, shifting to a whole new home on the Internet. I hope from now to create a sustainable body of work with the new name.  So  that is what you want to google from today to read new work by me.

I will add it first of all on my Twitter account  and probably for Diary of an Adventurer. I will open a new blog on books and literature. My  inspirations on Interlude, I will publish into a little P.O.D. book so at least in later years if I want to dwell on my own reflections, they’re all in one place and not scattered on the web. It will also contain other verses that I’ve placed on the web.  I will leave some permanent links here later.

I will continue to use suzanabrams as my long-time poster name on the Guardian.