My first morning in Dar es Salaam, East Africa after 3 months

Part 1: 4.00am Dec 10, Dar-es-Salaam

“I woke up thrilled to hear the honking of a ship in the old Dar harbour, signalling goodbye… that it was sailing out to sea. Outside my window, the dark waters glitter like a shaky jelly mould against the sharp strain of countless city lights. The virginal dawn scene is different to Dublin. The sky is a duller blue & the nimbus, ferocious when ready for battle. The rooks are bolder than the gulls.”

Part 2: 5.45am Dec 10, Dar-es-Salaam

“The vast skyline breaks into light and ballooning rain clouds with tinges of cirrus streaks for company, party on the horizon. They make for a palette of greys, blacks, golds & a wee orange. A faraway mosque calls residents to prayer. The white ocean waits in pensive meditation & a lonely dhow passes my window, sailing gently into the Zanzibar.”